About Me

**As of September, 2016 I passed the test to become a java associate programmer(IZ0-803)**

After long hard months of studying I took the certification and passed. This is my biggest accomplishment thus far, and this inspires me to learn more and be a better coder!!!

I'm 15 years old, and I've been interested in coding and computer science since the sixth grade. I started with Java and moved to HTML, CSS and then progressed to Ruby on Rails. I'm also working on Android Development, SQL, and familiarizing myself with Linux. Learning specific computer languages has proven pretty difficult. I looked at different coding schools, and summer camps like Digipin and they all range from 100s too 1000s of dollars, which is way to expensive. I then decided to try and learn it on my own. It started with youtube videos, online tutorials, and books(very expensive books :D).

My first success was taking the AP Computer Science test in the 7th grade and passed with a 3. Then I took both Intro to Computer Science in the 7th grade and AP Computer science in 8th grade at Roosevelt Highschool, I passed both classes with a B+. In my freetime I like to make beats., play basketball, and spend time with family.


This is my github page Here are the apps on that page:

    Trump App - Generates a list of Donald Trump quotes from an API, and uses Java and JavaFx.link

  • Lost And Found - Let's the user enter in data into an application for a lost item. You can add, update, delete and search for an item in the database in case someone found it. It uses Java and Sqlite for the backend, and JavaFx and CSS for the front end. link

  • Android App - This app has three sections bass, treble and mid. They are all playing at certain levels depending on how loud you have the volume on your phone, which I think is pretty cool. link

  • C89.5 FM App - This is an app that I built for my school's radio station. To download the APK and test it on your phone go to my github link. For instructions go to the downloads page above.


I am a very goal oriented person. I'm interested in obtaining the Oracle 11g certified associate exams (IZ0-051 and IZ0-052). I'd also like to expand my knowledge in Android, the .NET framework, and C#.

I'm a fast learner and can problem solve and debug most problems I run into (Google is always right by my side :)) I work well with others and would love to work with others my age or older, either in an internship or a mentor, that would be really awesome.

Email me for questions about coding or if you have any questions about me! imaaronacs.gmail